While duck decoy and call market growth is evident and widely recognized, especially with the focus on hunting supply companies in hunting and reality shows, a new market segment became evident to Y’all Duck Calls when selling throughout the Southeast: calls and hunting products featuring collegiate logos. Our team of outdoor enthusiasts is focused on bringing the best-quality hunting products to the outdoorsman, with an emphasis on the sports licensed theme.


Big Show Outdoors was founded in 2013 as the licensing entity holding Y’all Duck Calls, quality hand-turned, hand-tuned wooden duck calls. The story and the duck calls themselves are unique to the market in that each call is built using hand-harvested Bodock and Hickory trees from local farms. Y’all Duck Calls was initially formed to support a small local wooden duck call business; however, following the success of the hand-tuned native wood calls, Y’all Duck Calls was introduced to the sports licensing enthusiast.


The story of how Big Show Outdoors came about is classic. During a trip to the Sports Licensing and Tailgate Show in Las Vegas, Y’all Duck Calls was introduced to executives from a national licensing company. A duck call literally fell out of our bag; when the executives saw it, they said, “We want that!” Following several visits to their headquarters, a relationship was formed. 

Over the next two years, the company successfully distributed Y’all Duck Calls within their distribution network. However, the sales focus was outside the scope of hunting product buyers. The company encouraged the founders of Y’all Duck Calls to independently pursue licensing for the duck calls, turkey calls, and other hunting products. This direction led us to focus on identifying optimal opportunities and relationships, which Big Show Outdoors has done for nearly four years. This knowledge can help you get your licensed products to the market.

If you have  a product you think will be a hit in the sports licensed space, contact us.